CBD and Covid-19

One of the factors that contribute to Covid-19 deaths is the dangerous lung inflammation than can occur, effectively depriving the oxygen supply to the body. This condition is also known as a cytokine superstorm initially occurs with symptoms of fever, cough and muscle pain.

In extreme cases, this leads to severe pneumonia which clogs up the lungs and makes breathing difficult of impossible. Ventilators have been shown to not always be effective in these cases.

Researchers are instead looking at drugs to reduce the cytokine activity, and in some cases it has helped clear out the patients lungs. However, some of the drugs, like Tocilzumab, have potentially severe side effects.

CBD has shown potent anti-inflammatory properties in previous studies without the effects of THC. Research has indicated that CBD can reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines including IL-6, which is reduced by other drugs being studied for Covid-19.

CBD has also been shown to increase the production on interferons, a type of signaling protein that activates immune cells and prevents viruses from replicating. CBD can also help reduce pulmoary firbosis, a condition where lung tissue becomes damaged and scarred.

While some of these studies are based on mice, it is nonetheless very promising. But aside from potential treatment, CBD also can help reduce anxiety and stress associated with Covid-19.

While no studies to date show that CBD can help with Covid-19 specifically, it is worth further investigation. And while it shouldn't be should considered a cure or treatment for Covid-19, consuming CBD if you are at risk may be helpful at stimulating immune function.


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