Does Hemp tea contain CBD?

Does Hemp tea contain CBD?

Most people are looking for the benefits associated with CBD. CBD is extracted from hemp, but it doesn't mean that all hemp tea contains CBD.

Confused? Let us explain:

Freshly harvested hemp - be it the flowers or the leaves contain small amounts of CBD, but more of CBDA (cannabidolic acid). CBD only comes when CBDA has been exposed to heat & aging known as decarboxylation.

Hemp flower tea or hemp leaf tea?

Like other plants, hemp undergoes a life cycle. During it's mature period it starts directing energy away from the leaves and into the flowers and seeds. As this phase progresses, the leaves start to turn yellow as the plant expends all the energy into the seeds. This is like almost all other flowering fruits and vegetables.

The hemp flowers can be harvested and steeped like a tea, and you will get some benefits from the other compounds like the aforementioned CBDA. However you will not get much CBD from it. 

Decarboxylation makes the CBD "bio-available", and normally this is done through smoking the flower. "Decarbing" the flowers/seeds at this point would not make it a drinkable tea however. Hemp leaves can also be de-carbed and used to brew tea. However, you don't want to use hemp leaves from flowering plants, as the leaves will have lost their potency.

Hemp tea that contains CBD

Like regular tea, pruning the hemp plant to prevent flowering will ensure the cannabinoids and terpenes that provide all the benefits are retained in the leaves. The CBD can then be made bioavailable by decarboxylation and into a tea with a good amount of CBD. 

Read the ingredients

The main thing to look for in a hemp tea is to look at the label to see if it actually contains CBD. Here are a couple of examples of hemp teas:


This example above does contain hemp leaves, hemp flowers and hemp extract. But none of the ingredients indicate decarbing, nor are there associated tests showing CBD levels. So we venture to guess there is little if any actual CBD in this blend. Hemp extract could be hemp seed extract, which contains 0 CBD.


This example is a tea advertised as Hemp tea. Amazingly, there isn't any actual hemp leaves or flowers in the blend. There is added oil, but only 7mg per serving. The oil itself is suspect, because oil in water does not mix - so how much of this will actually get absorbed?

 Hemp tea - read the ingredients

  • Check if the product contains hemp
  • If looking for CBD, is the hemp decarboxylated?
  • How much CBD per serving?
  • Are there any tests available indicating potency?

So regardless if you are buying hemp tea or CBD tea, it's important to read the label to see exactly what is in the blend and look for trickery.



  • Suzanne Canell

    Kevin, I need a tea that will relax me at night to sleep. I have a Medical MJ license and I’ve used CBD oil for arthritis pain. I’d rather drink tea. Is there a tea that could be used rather than the expensive CBD oil ?

  • Nicholas E. Tishler

    Once again the Whistling Kettle does a fine job educating its customers. Thank you for this. Through it you earn customer loyalty and all the benefits that customer loyalty brings: more referrals, more business.

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