Advantages of indoor grown hemp tea

Like any food product, the source and method of growing is important to the quality and purity of the end product.  So naturally when we set out to create the best hemp tea, we wanted to start with the source itself - Hemp.

While hemp is now legal to grow in the US, Hemp is also grown world wide, including China. Some people may initially be wary of Chinese grown hemp and with good reason. Since we have experience with blending teas, we know the Chinese tea must be scrutinized. 

But you can easily find contaminated Hemp from other parts of the world, including the USA. Hemp is even more of an issue because it's something a farmer can easily switch to for a "cash" crop. What potential contamination lurks in the soil? And what about pesticides?

A good primer is this CBS episode on the CBD contamination:

The solution? Indoors, local and sustainable. 

When we decided to launch Magic Leaf Tea, we went straight to a hemp source less than twenty miles away. The hemp plants are all grown indoors in special tents under controlled conditions. This allows for year round growth, a consistent product and no worries about heavy metals or pesticides using organic farming practices.

Living Soil = More potent Hemp

All hemp plants are grown in organic "living" soil. This soil is a combination of worm castings, mycorrhizae and cold brewed worm tea. (not the kind that people drink, but specifically made for plants).

Leaves versus flowers

Flowers and seeds are traditionally used for smoking or extraction of CBD oil. Like any plant, towards the end of it's growing cycle it will push all of it's nutrients into flower or fruit production. 

With this indoor hemp tea, the flowers are not allowed to form. This ensures the maximum CBD oil is found in the leaves. The plants are carefully pruned to trim the undergrowth so that only the healthy leaves are getting full light exposure.

The result are very happy looking plants that get tender loving care and higher CBD concentration than outdoor grown varieties, with no chemicals. 

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