Hemp Testing Information

Hemp Testing Information

Testing information

We post 60+mg of CBD per serving on all our teas. We achieve this by incorporating a certain amount of pure, decarbed hemp into our signature blends. Each serving is carefully measured to include a minimum amount of hemp to reach our stated amounts based on the test readings.

For Industrial Hemp, Delta 9 THC must <.3% (this is the psychoactive component found in cannibas)


Each of our batches are identified by lot code. Simply refer to the lot code on your tea which will correspond to the individual batch results. 


Fairy Dust 032320AA01
Healer's Heart 032320AA01
Magic Leaf 032320AA01
Peaceful Warrior 032320AA01
Snake Charmer 032320AA01
Soul Tonic 032320AA01
3rd Eye 032320AA01
Thunderbird 032320AA01